Tsering Chodron

Tsering Chodron



My name is Kathie Tsering Chodron – I live with my husband Ross in a very blessed country town called Kyogle in northern New South Wales, Australia.

I took refuge in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in 1976 and commenced my first ngondro in 1978. I was very fortunate to meet Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and become his student during Rinpoche’s first visit to Australia in 1984. I was involved with establishing Rinpoche’s retreat centre in Australia, Vajradhara Gonpa, and was director there for almost twenty years. Most of my adult life up to 2012 was spent as a volunteer worker at Vajradhara Gonpa, a truly amazing time when Tibetan Buddhism was taking root in Australia. Through Rinpoche’s blessing I have had the opportunity to receive teachings, do retreats and serve many great masters of all the Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

I have completed two three-year retreats including two times the complete Longchen Nyingthik Ngondro. I am also participating in the NDG doing the Chetsun Nyingthik Ngondro. Ngondro continues to inspire me and is the backbone of my dharma practice and my life in general. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for ngondro practice with others joining the NDG program.