Ngöndro Gar Registration Instructions

There are things you need to know, or be reminded of, before beginning the Ngöndro Gar practice:

Ngöndro is the foundation for the Vajrayana path. It provides a direct access to your Buddha nature, and as a child of the lineage of great awakened persons. With that understanding, you need to appreciate the obligations of such nobility. With ngöndro, you are provided with a structure to quickly develop the qualities of a yogic practitioner. This requires focus and discipline.

You should already have established some general Buddhist foundation through study and practice. You need to be familiar with the foundational teachings of the Buddha, such as the Four Noble Truths, the law of karma, and the nature and causes of samsara and nirvana. You need to understand how the Buddhist path practically removes and transforms our mind’s confusion, and you need to have some experience of this through the practice of sitting meditation.

Since the NDG is under the auspices of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, we regard ourselves as a sangha under his guidance. While we hope he will occasionally give us teachings, you may also count on assistance from the instructors.

We have various instructors who speak various languages, so you can perhaps find one who speaks your language, or who you wish to engage with as your personal instructor. Please note that the instructors are there to assist you with practice, not to hear about your thoughts or reflections. They can clarify the method and help you with overcoming obstacles. When you contact your instructor, please be concise and consider limiting yourself to emails no longer than 50 words.

You should make it clear to yourself how you wish to do this. You can decide to do two hours, one hour, or ½ hour every day. It is up to you, but you will find that it is helpful to decide on a regular time and duration for your practice. To establish clear parameters is essential for your discipline, and ultimately for the success of your practice.